Rafain Churrascaria | The Show

In 2016, 2017 and 2018 the Latin American Show entered Guinness World Records as "Most national dances represented in a dinner theater”.  It is an incredible trip that the client makes for Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Colombia, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico in a single night.

The stage is part of the surprise, because it tells a story. It has the shape of the face of an Aztec Indian. The side figures and flags represent indigenous figures. They remind us of the Incas from South America and finally there are Guarani ornaments.

The Aztec-Inca-Guarani fusion gives the stage the feeling of a three culture temple. Waters are represented in the nose of the Indian where it comes a little waterfall.

Throughout the show, the audience is surprised by a series of effects on stage. The show is attractive for tourists, inhabitants of Foz do Iguazú and other nearby cities in the three countries.

The show begins with Paraguayan music, where the Indian harp is introduced, a typical instrument with 36 strings. Dancers accompany famous Paraguayan song such as “Pajaro Choguy” and “Danza de la botella”, which for the audience is an example of the typical challenge to the gravity laws, where the dancers dance with six bottles on their heads.

From Paraguay the show moves slowly to the Andes region, on the Bolivian – Peruvian – Chilean plateau, where you listen to the most famous musical pieces from the region “El Cóndor Pasa”, “Carnavalito” among  others. Everything accompanied by the most authentic musical instruments from South America: charango, bombo, zamponias, quena.

The charm and elegance of tango. Long live México, land of hat and tequila, the gay music, represented by the Mariachis, Malambo from the Argentinean culture in the south of Latin America, which corresponds to Uruguay and Brazil, more specifically to the Rio Grande do Sul state, where the “gaucho” shows his skill in the show of the “boleadoras”.

Brazilian music, represented in a merry and funny way by the Samba show, capoeira, juggling with tambourine, “mulatas”, “xaxado”, Carmen Miranda.

“Baianas” and “mulatas” offer the chance to dance samba, with a Samba instructor on stage.

The most thrilling part of the show is the last one, where the show closes with luxurious carnival costumes and a surprise, the waiters are also part of the show in a unique feast.